Sedum "Hernandezii"

Sedum hernandezii

Sedum Hernandezii



  • Hernandezii needs bright indirect sun indoors.
  • It needs very little water. Water when soil is dry to the touch.
  • Needs well draining soil. 
  • Little to no fertilizer needed.
  •  Large, star-shaped yellow flowers appear in spring through summer.

More Information

  • Sedum hernandezii produces clusters of stems up to 10 cm in height
  • Does well up to USDA zone 3. Prevent exposure to frost to prevent scarring on the plant.
  • Dormant in fall and winter
  • Not toxic to humans or animals.
  • Grows in Spring and Summer

  • Originally from Mexico.


  • Usually Propagated with stem cuttings and seeds.

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