Key Lime Pie "Adromischus Cristatus"

Crinkle Leaf Plant

Adromischus cristatus

Key Lime Pie Plant


  • It likes full sun and bright shade. In it's natural environment, it grows where it gets morning sun and then during the hottest part of the day it's shaded under larger plants.
  • Let the soil fully dry out between waterings. About every two weeks, give the plant a good soaking.  Reduce water in Fall and Winter. Pretty much don't water it between December and February unless it's visibly dying.
  • It needs well draining soil. 
  • Use diluted liquid fertilizer once per month during the spring and summer. Don’t feed the plant during the winter.

More Information

  • Grows up to 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide.
  • Sends out small white flowers on the end of 8 inch stalks during spring and summer.
  • Hardy to 19 F. Avoid Frost.
  • 55-96
  • It likes a dry environment. 
  • It is dormant in Fall and Winter.
  • Can be toxic to human and animals if eaten.
  • It actively grows in Spring and Summer.
  • It is originally from South Africa.


It is propagated by using fallen and removed leaves. Let them callous and place on soil. It grows very slowly, so it can take awhile. You can also propagated using a stem cutting. The aerial roots will take root if planted. It is best to take cuttings at the beginning of the growing season.

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