Haworthia Zebra Plant "Haworthiopsis Attenuata"

Zebra Plant

Haworthiopsis attenuata

Zebra Haworthia


  • Haworthia can survive in almost any lighting condition, but to be happiest they need 4-6 hours of bright filtered sunlight per day.
  • Water when the soil is dry. Don't let it get bone dry, but not wet all the time either. Water less is cooler weather. 
  • They need a well draining soil. Mixing cactus mix with perlite at 2:1 ratio is sufficient. If the soil doesn't drain well enough, root rot can set in.

  • The Haworthia sends of long stalks with small white and green flowers in November and December.

More Information

  • Zebra Plants can be up to six inches tall.
  • It can tolerate mild frost and freezing temperatures as long as they are not for long periods of time. If you live in USDA hardiness zones 9-11, you can leave the plant outdoors all year long and they can even be planted in ground.
  • It is dormant in Spring and Fall. It actively grows in winter and fall.
  • It is not toxic to humans or animals.
  • It actively grows in winter and summer.
  • It is originally from South Africa


The Zebra plant will propagate with offshoots and pups. They can also be leaf propagated.

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