The River Trail

Photo by Michelle Tabor, 2017

The River Trail is advertised as a 4 mile single track beginner trail. It is located inside Barboursville Park in Barboursville, WV.  Today was one of those not-so-rare now warm days in late winter. We were completely itching for a new hike in a new location, which is one of the many reasons I love the outdoors.

I have been recovering from a MCL sprain, so I didn't want to hit one of my regular trails, as they have a lot of technical spots.  We came across this new trail within the city park by a one line blurb in a 2016 online newspaper. The description of "easy single track along the river" drew my attention.

Brian and I are not big visitors to the Barboursville Park. The park itself hosts a fishing lake, a water park, hiking trails, frisbee golf, equestrian areas, and a school. It's a popular park and it's always full of people all year long. Call me antisocial, but one of my favorite things about hiking and trail running is getting away from people. I love the solitude. It helps me relax and put my head on straight when I'm dealing with a lot of stress.

The trail itself is a fairly new construction. If you decide to run this, be aware that this is a shared single track trail.  The trail is open to mountain bikers, runners, hikers, and horses.  While most of the trail is upon the flat banks of the river, there were a few spots that if I was biking, I would not have wanted to meet a horse, as someone was going to swimming!  The trail has about an elevation gain of about 100 feet. It's fairly flat. at any point during the trail, civilization isn't far. You can still hear the people in the park, and it really cuts into that "I'm wondering in the woods" feel.

Overall, this easy trail was a good afternoon adventure with a few picturesque spots for us instagrammers.

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