Little Mermaid Wristlets

My little mermaid wristlet is my driving force so far in my Etsy shop, so I took the remaining blocks I had and went ahead and made them all into wristlets.

I hope this is a move that will payoff, because that's all that I had. I've sold two in the last two weeks.  I've redid my pricing strategy, so they are a little more now.  I hope it doesn't hurt sales.  I was just assigning a random number to them and selling them for that, but after doing a little research on how to make Etsy my full time job, I've had to actually crunch some numbers.  If I want to live off of doing this for a living, I am going to have price my items according. I need to take into account my materials and my time. Before I was just adding profit onto my cost of materials, for some that's okay, but it took my 5 hours last night to pop out 7 wristlets (one of which was a complete screw up and had to be tossed).  So I should be compensated for that, I think.

I think that character themed items will do well, I think I am going to expand on that some.

Also, I've started experimenting with leather. I am going to see if I can create some items out of raw and scrap leather, mostly historical and re-enactment style stuff, If I decide to do that too, I'll have to open a second shop.  I don't want my two lines to be confused or intertwined.

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