Mini Michelle the Ugliest Doll in the World

Meet Mini Michelle.  She was born of several months of procrastination.  I took some muslin, tea dyed it about 5 months ago.  Sewed the arms and legs together about 4 months ago, sewed the dress about 3 months ago, and left the pieces hanging about in my scrap bag.

Yesterday I finally got off my butt and finished her.  She started out to be ugly, we can't help that, but I love her anyway. I embroidered her nose and eye lashes and planned on doing her mouth too, but then laziness overtook me, so I just heatbonded her mouth and eyes on, then sewed them so they'd stay.  Then I stuffed her.

Her hair was also an act of laziness. I was out of yarn and I really wanted to get her done.  What to do? What to do?  I had some scrap red, so I sewed it onto the top of her head, then cut in into strips.  So, she's my little Mini Me.

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