Ariel Zippered Pouch

I did a google search for wallet patterns.  I found sew a zippered wristlet (tutorial) from Splityarn.  The pattern was one of the easier ones I found, with clear and concise instructions.  It also solved the "How do I get a lining  in the zippered thing?" question. I am impressed with myself and Splityarn's instructions.

The fabric is from a Little Mermaid sheet that I confiscated out of a storage unit my stepfather purchased.  It was stained in places and ratty in others.  But why throw away so much pretty fabric, so I cut it up into squares, salvaging most of the sheet.  My niece loves The Little Mermaid and bags, this will be perfect for her.

It took me about half an hour to do. I can probably pop out a few more today, if I felt like it and if I can find the rest of my zippers I've stashed somewhere.  Y'know I buy things when they are clearanced, knowing I'll use them one day, and then the gremlins take them. Hmp.

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