About Me


I was raised in an artistic home. I was surrounded by DIY and artistic stuff my whole life and it's became my way of life as an adult. I kinda grew up being the hands on one with my sewing and working on cars and the like.

​Art, writing, and photography really grabbed my attention in high school, where I started graphic design in 2002. I took four years of traditional art classes mainly focusing on watercolor and acrylic painting, and I was Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook for two years, where I photographed a lot of teenagers doing teenager things.

When I entered college, I gave up on being a writer, a photographer, a journalist, and attended business school for accounting and business management. I then spent four grueling years as a restaurant manager.

My career all came to a head when I made a career change into state parks. It reawoke my love for the outdoors and my creative pursuits.

I now spend my days outside and inspired by West Virginia's natural beauty. I love where I am from and I believe it shows through my paintings and my photography.

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