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Patchwork Easter Bunny

Easter is just around the corner and I had this pattern, Simplicity Craft 8044, was just begging to be used. The pattern can do a bear or a bunny, but it's almost Easter, so why not sew a bunny? 

Overall, this project took maybe 30 minutes. The pattern is a simple two-piece pattern that has four seams. Add some stuffing, and button eyes, and it's a quick and easy gift.

Items used:
Fabric: 90's Out of Print from my personal stash
Thread: Random black from my stash
Embroidery Thread for nose and mouth: Orange/Gold Embroidery Floss from my stash

Update 4/10/17: For a short while, this bunny was on local consignment at Frog Hollar Primitives in West Hamlin, WV. It has now sold. 

The River Trail

Photo by Michelle Tabor, 2017

The River Trail is advertised as a 4 mile single track beginner trail. It is located inside Barboursville Park in Barboursville, WV.  Today was one of those not-so-rare now warm days in late winter. We were completely itching for a new hike in a new location, which is one of the many reasons I love the outdoors.

I have been recovering from a MCL sprain, so I didn't want to hit one of my regular trails, as they have a lot of technical spots.  We came across this new trail within the city park by a one line blurb in a 2016 online newspaper. The description of "easy single track along the river" drew my attention.

Brian and I are not big visitors to the Barboursville Park. The park itself hosts a fishing lake, a water park, hiking trails, frisbee golf, equestrian areas, and a school. It's a popular park and it's always full of people all year long. Call me antisocial, but one of my favorite things about hiking and trail running is getting away from people. I love the solitude. It helps me relax and put my head on straight when I'm dealing with a lot of stress.

The trail itself is a fairly new construction. If you decide to run this, be aware that this is a shared single track trail.  The trail is open to mountain bikers, runners, hikers, and horses.  While most of the trail is upon the flat banks of the river, there were a few spots that if I was biking, I would not have wanted to meet a horse, as someone was going to swimming!  The trail has about an elevation gain of about 100 feet. It's fairly flat. at any point during the trail, civilization isn't far. You can still hear the people in the park, and it really cuts into that "I'm wondering in the woods" feel.

Overall, this easy trail was a good afternoon adventure with a few picturesque spots for us instagrammers.

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Hand quilted baby quilt

One of my sisters is having a baby! So it's always an awesome time when my family is growing. I'm trying to have a tradition of creating a quilt for each of my niblings. My sister is having a girl, and I had the perfect stash of vintage pink and purple blocks that really spoke to me that they are meant for baby Luna.

While, I was pressed for time, as this was a last minute gift for my sister, I did decide to hand quilt the middle and machine stitch the binding. i completed this baby quilt in 2 days and mailed it 2000 miles to my sister across the country. It still arrived the day after her baby shower. That's okay, she sent me a video of her opening it and she was very thrilled.

CCC Trail at Kanawha State Forest

Photo by Michelle Tabor, 2017

A trip to Cabella's turned into a hike at Kanawha State Forest in 35 degree weather!

Located just seven miles south of Charleston, West Virginia, Kanawha State Forest is in close proximity to the heavily populated Kanawha Valley and is a recreational haven. Some of the state's most popular picnic areas are here, along with significant hiking, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing opportunities.
The 9,300-acre forest is noted among naturalists for its diverse wildflower and bird populations. Rich cove forest sites provide nesting habitat for 19 species of wood warblers, a feature which draws birders from as far away as Canada. The forest offers some of West Virginia’s best special hikes in winter, spring and fall.

The small sign on Corridor G drew us in, the crazy skinny winding residential road kept us going, but the trout lake sealed the deal. We were supposed to be visiting Cabela's in search of an adapter kit for our Sawyer water filter, and we ended up on a trail in a park we had never visited before.

It seems that a thunder storm had hit the place days before our visit. There were fallen trees, freshly cut from the road, and low hanging power lines, the buildings were boarded up, if for winter or for storm protect, I couldn't tell, the plywood seemed new.

We stopped at the "forest office", a 10'x12' wooden shack, and picked up a trail map. KSF has over 25 miles of various trails, all winding through the forest. Many are easy 1/4 mile connectors, others are long winding adventures. While the after effects of the recent storm, the dinky facilities, and the freezing weather made us feel that we may have stumbled into the 1970s, it didn't deter us from picking a trail to explore. After reading through our options, the CCC Snipe Trail stood out for it's shortness only 3/4 mile (so 1.5 miles out and back) and it's interpretive nature.

CCC Snipe Trail is an interpretive trail, meaning there are signs along the path, pointing out significant historical events, unique rock forms, and the history of the trail. The forest used to be the site of a coal mine, which are prevalent in West Virginia. This particular coal mine was closed in the 1930's and converted in a park by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed, unmarried men from relief families as part of the New Deal. Along the trail, you'll find that this was the trail that members of the CCC sent rookies on to find "snipes", which snipe hunting is a long standing Appalachian;tradition to break in new recruits. Other key points of the trail include the foundations of remaining buildings and coal silos, a broken damn, an underground water cistern, (as this area provided water to the mine and to the camp), and the sealed coal mine itself.

While not a long or very technical trail, the CCC Snipe Trail was a joy to hike even in freezing weather. The interpretive signs and unique history all added to this trail's uniqueness and I recommenda day trip to Kanawha State Forest if you are in Charleston.

You can find out more about Kanawha State Forest by visiting their webpage.

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Large Red and White Hutch Furniture Flip

What do you do when you are given a huge ugly piece of furniture that has some great features? Refinished it!

That's how this project started. My aunt gave me this huge wood hutch that would have looked way better a 1990s kitchen. And I needed to change that ASAP!

before photoL
As you can see, it was dark wood, and that's just not cool these days.  I sat and stared at this behemoth of a kitchen hutch for a bout two months before I decided on what color scheme I wanted out of it.  I finally decided on Red and White.

So if this is your first furniture flip and you'd like to try it on your own, there are some needed supplies. If you're handy like me, you might already own some things, or you might have to go spend a little bit of money on this project. The highest cost will be investing in an orbital sander. If you plan on doing a lot of flips, an orbital sander will be a much wiser investment than a mouse sander, but either will get the job.

Supplies you'll need:

Sand Paper (I recommend using around 240 grit)

When it comes to paint choices, I went with "Scarlett Tanager 224Q" as the red from Valspar, and "Buttermilk Biscuit 5036" as the white from Clark + Kensington.

It's not neccessary for you to use a primer, but since I was going from a dark wood to a white color, I chose to, so I wouldn't have to have as many coats of paint.

First step to creating your own masterpiece is to get the furniture in a well ventilated area, throw the drop cloth on the floor, and maneuver the furniture on it. I actually did mine in the hallway of the storage rooms at my mother's shop. 

Then sand down the existing finish and any imperfections until your work surface is smooth.

Paint it all in Primer. Wait for that to dry.


It took me about 2 hours to paint the primer on. I was also using a 1" paintbrush and was waiting on customers at the front of the store. I let the primer dry overnight and came back the next day and began painting again.

Overall I had to paint 3 coats of Red and two white to get the colors that I wanted. IF you notice, I also removed the shelves, painted them to match the interior. I also removed the door and the hardware to the drawers. I painted the hardware the same red, and accented the doors in red as well.

I also took a teeny tiny paint brush and painted the white checks along the top molding on the upper cabinet.

details painted in accent colorsL

All in all it took me about 7 hours total time to paint and finish this piece.

I later went back and painted between the two middle doors red to match the others. 

This hutch is available for sale locally at Frog Hollar Primitives in West Hamlin, WV.

UPDATE: 03/01/2017. Hutch has been sold.   Yay me. I hope the new owners really love it like I did.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a portion of the sale price if you make a purchase using any of the links. I use these to offset costs of web-hosting and to share the exact items I used in creating my projects. 

Special Request - Memory Pillow

Hand stitched and created from one of my customer's gandfather's old shirts.

Vintage Simplicity Pattern Sewn for Holiday Party

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